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Who Would You Be Without Your Wounds?

In my experience, I have witnessed two main desires within the human heart and everything flows from these two desires: To Know and Be Known…To Love and Be Loved…not too surprising eh? After all, I am created in the image and likeness of God and He desires the same two things! As I have traveled through this life, I have given the power away to others along my journey to define who I am. Am I lovable? Am I worth knowing?As I have collected information about myself (from events and people), I have come to realize that most of it is based on other people’s interpretations of “me” rather than on the truth of who I am.

Yes, I desire to know and love in this life and I also have come to understand that in order for me to do this authentically I must begin within myself. I have the power within to heal…as Jesus so poignantly said, If I have faith the size of a mustard seed, I can move any mountain that stands before me!

In God, I live and move and have my being… as a fish swims in water, so I swim in His presnce, within and without. Because God is the Great Healer, and I am created in His image, I am capable of healing. Simply put, EFT unleashes my ability to heal by clearing away past doubt, pain and negative memories that have blocked my awareness of who I truly am… in and with God: beautifully and wonderfully created!

EFT has removed the negative charges that many distressing memories have caused within my energy system. Therefore, I have been able to collapse negative emotions and physical pain instantly. This has led me to a beautiful place of emotional freedom and confidence in abundant living.

Because I am deeply and profoundly loving and accepting myself EVEN THOUGH I have experienced pain, loss, hardship, fear, addiction or abuse in life I am free to offer that to the world.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27. I can only give out what I have within to give. All things that last beyond my breath and heartbeat flow from love…”If I have not love… I am nothing.” Yes! This is true…AND…if I hav E I am everything and I have everything I need for abundant life and emotional freedom.