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Stress Solutions for the Soul with Pearls of Hope

Lauren E Miller, Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions and Edie Hand, television personality, radio host and noted author have teamed up to share with readers these short meditations and reflections to help you remember what your soul already knows.


99 THINGS YOU WANT YOU WANT TO KNOW BEFORE STRESSING OUT! Is a school house of stress relief insights and practices empowering men and women to live life without the stress.

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Two weeks prior to her divorce, Lauren Miller was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. All at once, the mother of three children, second-degree black belt, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and teacher was losing her marriage and possibly her life. In Hearing His Whisper, Lauren records her personal conversations with Jesus before, during, and after her divorce and cancer experience. Hearing His Whisper is a portal into the un-manifested spiritual dimension that ultimately leads one to internal freedom, inner strength and self-love, and acceptance through and with the source of love itself.

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Theoretically speaking, all of humanity experiences mastectomies in life: the removal of that which no longer serves our health, peace and overall well-being. With over 123 mantras for the “mastectomies of life”, this book is packed with essential tools needed to release the stress in the midst of any life storm. Written from the heart of a stage three breast cancer survivor (who happened to be going through a divorce at the same time) this book offers healing and inner peace around the overwhelming emotions that often come along with unexpected life challenges.