Lauren is a world renowned personal peace maker. Far beyond a momentary “uplift”, those who hear Lauren’s dynamic message experience lasting, positive change. Along with life changing skills that will empower any group to live life without the stress, the depth of knowledge and insight she’s gained through 20 years of study and practice will leave an indelible imprint on your group or organization. To book Lauren for speaking engagements, please email: or visit the connect page.

Click here to view Lauren speaking on “How to De-Stress When Your Too Stressed” at The Women of Global Change Summit in Costa Rica.


Noteworthy Speaking Experience:

  • Dale Carnegie Graduate
  • Shared the stage with Les Brown; Bob Proctor; Edie Hand; Marianne Williamson
  • Keynote at major events held by well known corporations and organizations

Lauren empowers women & men with universal Stress Relief techniques that can be used on the spot to instantly reduce stress in the market place and life. Cultivating Peace within the individual and organizations creating instant esprit de corps.

As a stress relief expert, author of 4 award winning, international best selling books, 8 CD’s on the topic and founder of Stress Solutions University Lauren helps thousands of people manage their stress and boost emotional/physical wellbeing and personal success. When people are stressed, productivity drops. According the American Psychological Association, the industry loses 300 billion dollars a year in absenteeism, lost productivity, turn over and medical costs. Lauren is committed to the stress epidemic solution and welcomes opportunities for corporate partnership, working together to keep your employees happy and healthy, which is an essential ingredient to keep the competitive edge in the market place. When human beings are healthy and happy they show up at work solution oriented and motivated. Contact Lauren today to explore a corporate partnership relationship addressing and meeting your specific internal needs to make stress relief and personal excellence a life style within the lives of your corporate family: Email:

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“Lauren Miller is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She has the ability to grab a crowd by their heart and warm their soul. I’ve witnessed her as a speaker follow Bob Proctor and have the audience as engaged as any professional speaker I’ve witnessed. She delivers; she cares and more importantly, she brings tremendous value to any venue. I highly recommend her.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Lauren Miller is one of the most incredibly powerful human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I use Lauren’s work daily. She is a voice to be reckoned with. There are speakers and then there are SPEAKERS. Lauren has that spirit behind her voice and work. If you are serious about transforming from the inside out, Lauren Millers work speaks for itself. Lauren has the “it” thing about her. Charisma is something you can’t acquire either you have it or you don’t have it. Lauren HAS IT. That thing that touches the deepest fibers of your soul…incredible.”

Les Brown, World Renowned Speaker/Author

“Without a doubt, Lauren Miller is one of the best speakers on the planet! Her ability to draw in the audience is absolutely magical. She shared the stage with Marianne Williamson at our Global Women’s Summit in LA, mesmerizing several hundred women from around the world. The feedback was extremely positive. Many women were moved to tears as they described the value they received from her presentation and remarked that they gained life-changing perspectives because of Lauren’s authenticity. She is interactive and energetic, truly inspiring and motivational on all levels. She shares life skills everyone can apply to any stressful situation. I highly recommend Lauren for any venue; I’ll invite her to speak at many more WIN global events.”

Paula Fellingham, CEO, The Women’s Information Network

Faith through Fire – Signature Speech: Sharing her personal story, Lauren moves you from fear, doubt and worry into love, joy and gratitude.

  • Discover how to live life from a place of inner confidence, knowing that no matter what unfolds before you, you can handle it.
  • You will be empowered with tips to help you make the shift from fear to love, from victimization to gratitude.
  • You will learn how powerful vulnerability is when it comes to making meaningful connections in life.
  • Learn how the art of living as a fascinated, curious human being can transform your entire perception of life.
  • Learn how faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains in life
  • Journey behind the scenes of the “Serenity Prayer” and the power it has to shift your perspectives in life.

“C to C”: From Competition to Collaboration: You will be guided to positive perceptions and actions to enhance interpersonal communication and connection for leaders and teams.

  • maximize job performance
  • Increase productivity, innovation, creativity and Team building
  • Create a positive work environment: more laughter = more connection and satisfaction in life.
  • Increase positive lateral communication = feelings of connection, validation and appreciation
  • Increase your self esteem, creativity and personal empowerment

Release the Stress around Life’s Craze: The audience will learn and apply universal stress relief practices that can be done under 5 minutes to release daily stress resulting in individual and organizational empowerment.

  • Decreasing stress related illnesses
  • Improve overall enjoyment of life
  • Learn how to release the fears and phobias that hold you back at work and at home
  • How to go for what you want in life without being attached to the outcome
  • Become the observer vs. the reactor in life
  • Rediscover “YOU” as an empowered human being who has the tools and ability to choose your response to any situation that unfolds before you

“Mom don’t cry your Soul still has Hair”: Lauren shares her journey through stage three cancer along with the tools she used to thrive while trying to survive. Target Market: Cancer Survivors

  • Rediscovering your sense of humor
  • You will learn how to “Prune for Growth” in life
  • Learn 3 things that will enable you to dance through any storm in life
  • Gain insight and tools into the “Art of Instant Stress Relief” with or without cancer

Giving Purpose to Pain: Techniques will be shared and demonstrated that move individuals through the pain of addiction and abuse back to peace and personal reconnection using the inner voice of inspiration.

  • Connect to your inner inspirations and ACT on them
  • Leave with a ton of “take and go” stress relief tips and techniques
  • Learn how your physical body manifests emotional pain and how to stop the madness within
  • Learn how to release an addiction and return to empowerment
  • A Journey of remembrance back to “YOU” before the pain and false beliefs kicked in

Straight Talk: Edie Hand and Lauren E Miller

Stress Solutions for The Soul

Stress enters into our lives through three main portals: health, relationships and finances. Within each of those areas three main emotional responses (fear, self-doubt and worry) block our ability to remember what our soul already knows: we have God given abilities to adjust, learn new skills and come up with creative solutions no matter what circumstance we find our self in.

“Don’t resist life’s challenges, gain skills to excel in the midst of them by becoming a storm dancer.”

This is a program in the Straight Talk series offered by Edie Hand and Lauren E. Miller that provides quick solutions based on specific skills and techniques needed to keep you dancing no matter what surrounds you.

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Stress Solutions Made Easy with Lauren E Miller

Stress Solutions Made Easy at Work & at Home

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