nothing has the power to define you unless you give it away

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Become Like Children to Enter the Kingdom of God

Today I showed up to teach 24 3rd graders and I ended up being the student, all day long. As I shared my experience of God’s faithfulness to a group of eager faith-filled listeners the doors blew open to vulnerability and in walked the simple reality that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses in the heavenly realms.

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Who Would You Be Without Your Wounds?

In my experience, I have witnessed two main desires within the human heart and everything flows from these two desires: To Know and Be Known…To Love and Be Loved…not too surprising eh? After all, I am created in the image and likeness of God and He desires the same two things! As I have traveled through this life, I have given the power away to others along my journey to define who I am. Am I lovable? Am I worth knowing?As I have collected information about myself (from events and people), I have come to realize that most of it is based on other people’s interpretations of “me” rather than on the truth of who I am.

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EFT and Cancer

Successful cancer remission. Client says, “I have stumped my “white coats” again and again and again and again using EFT.”
Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT.

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EFT and Love

In my short experience with love in life, I have found that I speak and desire love verbally and physically. I also give out in my relationships what I want to get. Here’s the problem…when my partner doesn’t feel loved by the language of love I am giving and does not know how to speak the language I desire.

If I am giving out and desiring physical touch to someone whose main love language is acts of service, I will create a huge energy shortage when it comes to our heart connection. Until I learn how to speak my partner’s main love language instead of giving out what I want to get, I will continue to experience tension and disconnect in my relationship.

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Self-Esteem: Belief in Oneself

Did you know that no two heartbeats are the same? It’s true. Heartbeats are as unique as fingerprints. In fact our heartbeat can be viewed as our energy signature. Energy flows uniquely through each human being. We all give off different energy vibrations. Some positive and some negative…either way our energy is profoundly unique. Self-esteem emerges from the awareness of one’s own uniqueness.

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Attract Abundance to YOUR Business with EFT

Book Public Speaker and EFT Workshop Facilitator Lauren Miller TODAY to help you achieve maximum job performance, leading to enhanced efficiency, creativity and balanced esprit de corps (a sense of union developed among a group of persons associated together).

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