2009 Indie Book Award Finalist in three categories:

  • Inspirational
  • Women’s Issues
  • Religious Non-Fiction

Two weeks prior to her
divorce, Lauren Miller was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. All at once, the mother of three children, second-degree black belt, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and teacher was losing her marriage and possibly her life.In Hearing His Whisper, Lauren records her personal conversations with Jesus before,during, and after her divorce and cancer experience. Hearing His Whisper is a portal into the un-manifested spiritual dimension that ultimately leads one to internal freedom, inner strength and self-love, and acceptance through and with the source of love itself.

Don’t cry Mom, your soul still has hair..long beautiful hair, “my ten year old son said as he ran his little hands over my balding head.”

“Thank you God, for another day of life to learn how to love better.”

“I forgot who I was, and therefore, I farmed out the power to define me to the world around me.”

“Our beauty flows from a source that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

“ Hearing His Whisper is a great read! A well-written, very inspirational book…” Dr. Paul Seligman, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado

“Lauren pulls back the hospital room curtain and invites us into her intimate conversations with God…” Jack Crabtree, Executive Director, Long Island Youth for Christ

“…Not only inspired me, but it taught me to become a more committed believer in God.” Melange of Cultures (Click here to read full review)