HHW 2017


2009 Indie Book Award Finalist in three categories:

  • Inspirational
  • Women’s Issues
  • Religious Non-Fiction

Hearing His Whisper is intimate conversations with Jesus through the challenges of life, including two of life’s top stressors. You will discover a portal into the un-manifested spiritual dimension that ultimately leads to internal freedom, inner strength, self-love and acceptance through and with the source of love itself.

The world screams and God whispers, as you pause and lean your personality into Jesus’ loving kindness you will release the grip you have on those shiny objects that create stress and anxiety and hold you back from the freedom Christ died to give you.
Hearing His Whisper is grab and go inspiration that you can use in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. In this second edition Lauren sets up the reader up by offering a safe container through which you can unpack and apply the phrases and insights that land in your heart. You will get a glimpse of Jesus’ love and faithfulness in the eye of the storm as you walk with Lauren through every day inconveniences and emotional triggers into two of life’s top stressors at the same time.

An attachment is an emotional state of clinging due to the belief that without some specific outcome. situation or circumstance you cannot be happy. You will learn the power of releasing attachments as you resurrect your identity in Christ.
With every storm and hardship Jesus comes too and along with an opportunity to re-engage the powerful, courageous spirit that Christ died to empower you with. Once your source of identity and confidence is fueled by your faith in Jesus’ perfect love for you, fear will be cast out of your mental radar.
You will learn that a simple desire to hear the voice of the Lord will unlock your ability to first guess what He may say to the questions you pose which after time leads to a full immersion into a continual flow of meaning (which is the definition of dialogue) between you and your Savior as was the case for Samuel: “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened by the yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

“Stress is the power we give to outside circumstance to define our worth, value and capability. Take it back Today!”

Don’t cry Mom, your soul still has hair..long beautiful hair, “my ten year old son said as he ran his little hands over my balding head.”

“Thank you God, for another day of life to learn how to love better.”

“I forgot who I was, and therefore, I farmed out the power to define me to the world around me.”

“Our beauty flows from a source that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

“ Hearing His Whisper is a great read! A well-written, very inspirational book…” Dr. Paul Seligman, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado

“Lauren pulls back the hospital room curtain and invites us into her intimate conversations with God…” Jack Crabtree, Executive Director, Long Island Youth for Christ

“…Not only inspired me, but it taught me to become a more committed believer in God.” Melange of Cultures (Click here to read full review)