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Self-Esteem: Belief in Oneself

Did you know that no two heartbeats are the same? It’s true. Heartbeats are as unique as fingerprints. In fact our heartbeat can be viewed as our energy signature. Energy flows uniquely through each human being. We all give off different energy vibrations. Some positive and some negative…either way our energy is profoundly unique. Self-esteem emerges from the awareness of one’s own uniqueness.

Last month I spoke about the writing on our walls. This writing can come from parents, peers, friends, coaches, teachers, lovers just about any human being that we give our pen to as well as the authority to define our beliefs about ourselves and our life experiences. If I asked you to come up on stage and sing a little song for the crowd, you would first consult the writing on your wall…it may say: “Go for it you were told you were an awesome singer when you sang in the High School choir”…OR it may say…”FAT CHANCE, no way I’m getting up there and making a fool out of myself like I did when I sang at church and my mom said I couldn’t’t sing.” We are constantly consulting the writing on our walls as we interact with our world. We will be a lot more understanding and open-minded in relationships when we realize that most of our communication with one another comes from the writing on our walls.

When the writing on your walls says, “I’m not good enough”, everything in your life will be interpreted from this point of view. You will attract to yourself events and people that will back this “I’m not good enough” belief up until you erase it. So how do you erase it? Good question. Imagine a table and across the top is written a belief statement about yourself: I can’t sing. The legs of the table represent specific events in your life that back that belief up: My mom said that I can’t sing. In order to collapse that belief you must cut down the legs, then the table will fall. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) does this effectively and most times instantly. By emotionally tuning into the specific event, while tapping on specific acupuncture points, the body collapses the “block” that was put in place when you accepted the statement, “I can’t sing” as truth.

Many times you only have to tune into one or two “legs” that support your tabletop belief and the whole table crashes down. After using EFT, clients often experience a profound sense of self-worth and peace. As you collapse the different tabletops in your life, a deep awareness of your uniqueness begins to emerge within. Belief in yourself begins to replace past negativity…once you start “tapping” into this, there is no going back…it’s all about loving and accepting yourself into emotional freedom.