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EFT and Love

In my short experience with love in life, I have found that I speak and desire love verbally and physically. I also give out in my relationships what I want to get. Here’s the problem…when my partner doesn’t feel loved by the language of love I am giving and does not know how to speak the language I desire.

If I am giving out and desiring physical touch to someone whose main love language is acts of service, I will create a huge energy shortage when it comes to our heart connection. Until I learn how to speak my partner’s main love language instead of giving out what I want to get, I will continue to experience tension and disconnect in my relationship.

So where does EFT come in? EFT gives me the opportunity to collapse any negative charges I might have around my own experiences with love. By doing this I free up my body’s energy system, enabling it to be open to new expressions of love. EFT unleashes creative ways to give and receive love, taking my partner’s love language into consideration. Because I reduce the negativity from my own energy system I bring out my natural propensity to see the beauty in others. EFT collapses any judgments and conditional criteria I have gained and used throughout my lifetime that supports my interpretation of love.

Key Point: IT’S MY INTERPRETATION OF LOVE. Even though my partner does not give and receive love the way I do, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. I choose to be open to experiencing new expressions of love. I choose to come up with creative ways to communicate my needs with love.

By collapsing the negative charges around distressing memories, that prevent me from loving and accepting myself, I open my heart up to the experience of unconditional love. Love evokes love, acceptance evokes acceptance. Yes, I give what I want and what I have within to give. Because EFT unleashes abundant self-love and acceptance while collapsing the judgments I have gathered about love and acceptance, I enter into a whole new dimension: Emotional Freedom in love for the sake of love alone.