Discovering the true love

By Iliana Lavastida
Diario Las Américas

The rhythm of this season sometimes weakens the real sense of Christmas commemoration. In some places it is not even mentioned the true reason that turns December 25 into a celebration day. And Saint Claus, the guy with white beard and red suit, replaces the image of the man that came to the world just to teach us what the essence of love is.

But always there are those who do not ignore the truth, who are not persuaded by the false brightness of the bought happiness, because God tested them in such a special way that nothing can separate them from the essence of the real existence.

Lauren Miller is the protagonist of a story, similar to those taken out from fantasy, but in this case we knew it from her own testimony.

She was born in Long Island, New York. With an early vocation for the enigmatic “world of ideas”, she studied Psychology and Journalism.

After 38 years and with 3 children, an unexpected conflict changed the course of her marriage and during the divorce process she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer, that ends up in a mastectomy.

What strengths could a person have living under these circumstances to think that God is still with her? For Lauren that was precisely the moment she chose to reaffirm her faith and rediscover the way that she had found during her adolescence.

“My relationship with Jesus, from what I recall, began when I was 17 years old. And I want to highlight that this is from “my recollections” because from HIS perspective He has been always with me”

“Beyond the cancer and the divorce, what I really appreciate as the best gift from God, among other blessings, is that he never influences our free will”.

According to Lauren’s , we may say that we cannot blame God for our difficulties and mistakes. “We create our own ways that make us suffer. But God, without asking about how you manage your life, brings with him a greater good teaching you how to enjoy the true peace and freedom”

What solutions does Jesus offer to those people that suddenly are in a difficult crossroad such as in your personal case?

“Jesus offers one solution, it happens to be the only solution we need for every situation that hits us in life: Love. It is very simple, but we complicates the purity of this solution with worries, doubts and fears”, answered Lauren convinced”

“When I felt I had been left empty, spiritually, emotionally, and physically speaking, I decided to make of this my one solution to every situation. I might find myself covered with rocks, emptiness and mud, but if I feel surrounded by God’s love, everything becomes an opportunity to learn how to love better. So, there is nothing to fear. Fear is truly a delusion that we are not safe. Just think of the kind of life we can live believing that! Even death itself con be overcome with love. Everything becomes a beautiful opportunity to learn how to grow and learn in the ways of love. Forgiveness and acceptance are two essential ingredients in the wisdom of love”

Lauren decided to write her experience in Hearing His Whispers, where she reveals her personal conversations with Jesus before, during, and after her divorce and disease.

Why did you decide to do this?

“I was moved to do so. Everything we do in life has the potential of encouraging and inspiring other souls when our intention is for more love in this world. If my story brings light to others’ darkness, then my suffering is really just a vehicle for more light in this world… it is no longer suffering as we generally consider suffering. This is about a portal through which others observe and connect with hopes”.

From her experience, this woman that currently works as teacher, speaker and physical trainer, considers that a person obtains all what he needs for his life when he meets his spirituality.

“When we are connected with God and his love energy, we realize that we do not need anything else to reach peace. This allows us to ignore fears, doubts and worries, all negative feelings that strongly influence our lives. Letting them go, we learn to accept and love us as we are, we transfer this feeling to others, and we discover the essence of our creation”.

Lauren ’s spirituality evolved because of these situations that now allow her to perform in the practice of a human energy-based therapy (often called “acupuncture without the needles”). She is also black belt in martial arts and she ensures that she lives free of ties since she knows how much God loves her.

When we asked her if she is a religious person or a person with an enormous faith, Lauren Miller explained: “I feel that very often we get caught up by wordings like : I am Christian, I am a Catholic, I am religious, I am spiritual, I am Jewish. These are all expressions that connect us with the God of the Universe. I used them and I respect them. However, I feel that no words can fully capture my experience with God. I am a person who loves and is loved by God moment to moment”.

In the development of her book, Lauren determined a scenery in which people are brought to find the way to the dimension of freedom and inner strength. It is a valid reference for all, now that the economic tribulations and shortcomings unmet expectations overwhelm us. It is a suggestion to consider and to find a refuge in which even the most humble of mortals will have a safe place..