Each journey pulls from different energy psychology modalities. EFT and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are two of my personal favorites as I have witnessed over 12 years and in the lives of hundreds of individuals profound results that have created lives free from the perceived threats and panic attacks/phobias. The spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of your life are addressed in order to create congruency on all levels of being which promote overall wellbeing in life and sustainable self care systems.

The energy psychology modalities used in the Stress Relief programs can help you with: stress, anxiety, depression, addiction/cravings, self image and confidence, relationships, creativity education, life satisfaction and wellbeing, weight loss and health, parenting, teenage anxiety, presentation and communication skills, sales and overall personal excellence.

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“It is my goal to equip you with the skills and techniques needed to be able to maintain inner focus, sense of purpose and peace no matter what surrounds you. This is a journey of transformation. Using specific mindset and physiological skills we will re-invigorate a Faith Based “Go For It” spirit towards all of life along with the self care systems that support your best YOU in this world.  Gain clarity around what you want and the skill set to create the internal/external environment to make it happen. I look forward to beginning this journey with you.”

Lauren E Miller

  • Gain Skills for Inner Peace, Calm and Energy: Your Capacity to Take Action
  • Gain Clarity Around what You Want and the Systems Needed to Make it Happen
  • Connect Your Faith with Your Future: Learn Stress Relief Techniques and How to Weave them into Your Specific Life Experiences Including Basic EFT (Tapping Therapy) & NLP which bring about sustainable positive transformation.
  • Reconnect with Your Ability to Move Through Challenges in Life Easily Using Faith Based Responses & Stress Relief Techniques
  • Package Price: $824 or single-session options available
  • Click here to inquire about this package OR explore single session options today contact: Joseph Dean Fulford

  • Ignite Your Faith; Eliminate Fragmentation; Reinstall Clarity of Focus & Action, Faith Based Living
  • Expand Your Ability to Use EFT, NLP & Time Line Therapy to Release Personal Blocks and Specific Unhealthy Reactive Behavior
  • Master Positive Thinking & Personal/Professional Connections
  • Acquire Mind & Body Skill set to Expand Your Creative Problem Solving Abilities
  • Expand Congruency in Your Life Using NLP 6 Logical Levels for Personal Growth & Positive Transformation: Spirit => Mind => Emotions => Body
  • Restore Your Inner Confidence and Ability to Create the Life You Seek with Ease and Grace
  • Package Price: $1200 or single-session options available
  • Click here to inquire about this package or explore single-session options today Contact: Joseph Deal Fulford

“Even the experts need an expert.  Lauren has been mine for over 1 year.  Her programs are POWERFUL, producing results that are life transforming. She makes the complicated simple.  I use her mindful rituals daily.  Her mindset skills create an actual shift in consciousness from fear to faith, reminding me of my God given natural state to overcome and move through anything that stands before me.”

Les Brown, Author/Speaker

“Lauren’s programs are amazing; they enrich and expand your experience with life in ways that you forget are possible. She equips you with concrete skills that create shifts you can feel instantly. Whatever hardship or challenge you are facing or if you are a seeker like me, looking to expand your territory in this world, Lauren creates a program that is congruent with your gifts and talents and then empowers you with the ability to go for what you want, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I personally highly recommend her work in this world.”

Shellie Hunt, CEO Success By Design/The Women of Global Change