Colorado’s Best – January, 2013

Colorado's Best Show
Lauren Miller: Solutions for Managing Stress

Women Entrepreneurs – September, 2011

Women Entrepreneurs-Lauren Miller-Surviving Breast Cancer
Lauren Miller: Surviving Breast Cancer

ChannelMom Show – June, 2011

Channelmom Show 16 Stress Relief Techniques For Moms
16 Stress Relief Techniques For Moms!

Denver Celebration, Colorado – April, 2011

Denver Celebration
How to De-Stress Your Life, from Google’s #1 stress expert

9 News | KUSA, Colorado – December, 2010

Topic: Holiday Stress Relief

9 News | KUSA, Colorado – October, 2010

TV Appearance for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Discovery Channel: Holistic Success Show – October, 2010

Get quick and easy to use tips on How to Release the Stress Around Life’s Craze

Lifetime Channel: The Balancing Act – October, 2010

Lifetime TV, The Balancing Act
Watch Lauren share her personal testimony and inspirations on national TV.

Denver Celebration – 2010

Learn stress relief techniques that you can use in 5 minutes, as Lauren shares insights and a preview of her new book

How To Stop Emotional Eating – 2010

Get five quick tips on how to stop yourself from destructive eating behaviors when under stress.

Daybreak on the Deuce Show

Lauren reviews the symptoms of stress and shows us techniques for how to manage and relieve stress.

Tom Martino Show — December, 2009.

Lauren explores stress relief methods for our daily lives and demonstrates EFT techniques.

Fox 21 News — November 18, 2009.

Local news profile of Lauren’s exciting book Hearing His Whisper.

Fox News — October 1, 2009

A profile of Lauren and her struggle to come to terms with the scars of being a Breast Cancer survivor.

News Profile November 3, 2003

Denver’s award-winning local news magazine broadcast a moving profile of Lauren in which she described, for the first time, her incredible battle with cancer.

Book Trailer December, 2008

View the just released video trailer for Hearing His Whisper.
Blog Talk Radio: Gab with the Gurus – 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out
All Talk Radio: Music for Life Show – Lauren shares her favorite music pieces which helped her
Alex Howard Show: Lauren teaches us how to “Learn to Relax”
Radio Interview: Attracting Abundance with Peggy McColl
BBS Interview: The Holistic Health Show with Dr. Carl O’ Helvie
Blog Talk Radio: Up Close & Personal with Bonnie D Graham
“The Bill Horan Show: The Secrets of Success”, Garden City, NY. – Part I
“The Bill Horan Show: The Secrets of Success”, Garden City, NY. – Part II
“The Great Gettin’ Up Morning Show”, with Paul Van Sickle (KCWJ, Kansas City, MO)

Women Entrepreneures - Surviving Breast Cancer