4 Things to Make Room in Your Inn for a Silent Holy Night


silent holy night


4 Things to Make Room in Your Inn for a Silent Holy Night…










  1. Step back from your doing and insert the following technique between your transitions. A transition is when you leave one activity to enter another. Put your hands on your stomach as you breathe in deeply pulling in the air down into your core…pause breathe in a little more. Hold for the count of 3 and exhale quickly as you mentally tune into what the experience of release feels like in your body. Repeat 3-5 times.


  1. Pause in the midst of your to-do lists and internal guilt associated with “shoulding” yourself into emotional knots and ask yourself a few questions:


  • Why I am choosing to spend time doing this activity? How does this activity support what I value most?
  • What specific character traits do I want to bring into this activity? Kindness, patience, empathy, creativity? Clarity of focus leads to accuracy of response.
  • What is my intention today? As I fall asleep tonight what type of person do I want to be remembered as being as I did what I did?


  1. Honor your BRAC: Your brain is on for 90 minutes and rests for 20 minutes. What if every 90 minutes you set a chime today and paused to pray? Declare with gratitude 1 thing that is working out for you. Embrace with gratitude 1 things that is not working out for you knowing it offers you the opportunity for learning and growth. Invite the Holy Spirit to bless and anoint your next activity with a spirit of wisdom, love and kindness as you explore ways to outshine the darkness.


  1. Last but not least. Ask God to help you tune into your give back opportunity. “Dear God, wake me up to those in most need of my presence today. Help me to remember that my greatest joy comes in the measure through which I serve and assist those you put in my path. Too often I forget that it’s not all about me, my wants, accomplishments and ability to check items off my to-do list. May I be awake enough to see those hiding in the shadows of pain and extend a hand of love, empathy and validation. I want to experience that awe and wonder that the shepherds felt in the field of their labor. Behold, light has come into the world to outshine the darkness. May I be a torch bearer and witness to the power of a silent holy night within my own heart. For I know I cannot give out what I don’t take time to nurture within. Refresh me so that I can refresh others. I am willing to consider that peace is my natural state of being as I shift my focus from the shiny objects and “should”mentality into simple moments of my undivided presence to those entrusted to my care as I offer them the gift you offer to me daily: Presence: I see you…you matter.”


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